Blue Laguna smoothie bowl

Okey, we all seen those pretty blue bowls all over the internet.Some might call it Algae bowl, some mermaid bowl,the fact is it’s not only pretty looking place of food.💙

The secret ingredient which makes this beautiful and unique blue colour is a Blue spirulina or Blue Majic.

We all aware of the spirulina benefits and how good is it for us.

High in protein, good source of antioxidants and vitamins such as A,K2 and B12 it also can help to loose weight and support immune system.

Blue majic is not exactly the same spirulina we usually see on the healthy food shops. It’s an extract of green spirulina which has got that blue pigment. It’s still very beneficial supplement which can be added to our diet on a daily basis, for example in juices,smoothies,chia pudding and overnight oats.

I really feel that I need a holiday and this breakfast bowl is inspired by ocean, sunrise and sea breeze.

I called my blue smoothie bowl Blue Laguna simple because if it’s colour.

The perfect combination with coconut , tropical fruits and chia seeds.

This smoothie is made of frozen banana, coconut milk, vanilla protein powder and tiny bit of Blue majic powder.You can add a bit extra for more intense colour.

As well as topping can be very different, depending on your mood ,taste and ingredients you have.

I tried to make it in the same colour palette and add the berries and coconut,chia seeds,rice puffs and edible flower to keep it light and fresh just like sea side morning 🌊

What I always recommend to everyone is to be creative and use your imagination💙mix and match most random ingredient and create your own delicious and healthy dish.

Lots of love