‘Listen to Your Gut’ Microbiome Test review


If you’re curious about your gut health and would like to learn more about your gut bacteria and maybe prevent any diseases and improve general health you might try a microbiome test by Atlas Biomed.


The role of gut bacteria in health and disease has become increasingly clear recently.

91A7024F-8B53-42E9-8E51-2D4593DDCB19.jpegIn recent years, scientists have described the microbiome as the “forgotten organ,” which is not only  responsible for the digestion of food but also controls the function of your immune system, protects the body from  microbes, helps stabilise weight, improves mood and reduces  stress .

Today anyone is able to take a Microbiome Test in the privacy of their own home and learn how the gut microbiome impacts them.



 The testing kit I used is called “Listen to your Gut ‘ from a UK-based  company called ATLAS BIOMED  and is £149.


For that price you will get a testing kit, personalised food recommendations, probiotic and bacterial report and a one to one telephone consultation which will help you to better understand the results and take the right actions.

Just to clarify that the test shouldn’t be used for diagnosis but rather could be a part of a series of steps taken to learn more about your gut health, which is very important due to the roles the microbiome plays in the body described above.

Once you have received your testing kit, all you will need to do is to follow the instructions.




Firstly, register your sample online. Each test kit has a serial number which will be indicated and updated from the laboratory through it’s journey . It will also give you a chance to see all the updates: from the moment it’s been received to the latest results and personal recommendations .



Next step is a sample from a bowel movement. 

The kit includes all the essentials and step by step instructions to make sure you follow to get the most accurate results .

After the sample is taken and placed back in the box (use the same one ) attach a  prepaid label and take it to the local PO or simply post via letter box. 

Since my sample arrived at the labs, once a week I received a newsletter with a bit more information about the microbiome, nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and more to get a better understanding of the importance of the gut and the function of the bacteria in it .

Also I’ve installed the app which is much easier (for me) to get an update from, especially the weekly ones.

A few weeks later I finally got my results. All my results seemed pretty normal and I have a good amount of butyrate and a healthy probiotic level, however my microbiome diversity is an average level  compared to other population results. This is still not bad and can be improved with the right diet .

According to my results I’m a ‘Grain lover’ and this is absolutely true. I’m addicted to grains, nuts and fibre. The test also can tell the nationality of your microbiome which is pretty amazing.

Furthermore, all the results are very detailed and definitely need an extra explanation. That’s why Atlas Biomed recommend to have a telephone consultation to understand it all better.

Each week I still keep receiving an updated how to improve certain bacteria and gut health.


 Finally, I would highly recommend to take a Microbiome test, especially if you have any problems with digestion, inflammation or just for your personal knowledge .

Get gut healthy – let food be your medicine. 


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