Thalion Algo Energie

Discovering new brands is definitely one of my passions.

I can spend hours scrolling the beauty websites and reading reviews about the latest trends while also trying some of it myself before sharing my opinion.

Lately I have found @thalion_uk a French product house specialising in marine skincare.

I discovered this brand through some forums and really wanted to try it.

The product that caught my eyes was ALGO ENERGIE. Energetic Vitamin Complex.

It is aimed at urban dwellers over the age of 25 and targets the physical signs of fatigue by detoxing.

Perhaps at winter my skin looks less energised and more dull, that was another reason why I also wanted to try the Energetic Vitamin Complex by THALION.

The texture is very light and fresh, almost water based, which is perfect if you don’t like the effect of greasy and sticky skin.( like me)

Ideally I try to apply it twice a day ( morning and night ) on my face and neck but also during the day if I don’t wear make up. It leaves my skin revitalised and relaxed just like after a good 8h sleep. (isn’t is what every mum needs?)

The ingredients include extracts of Chlorella ( perfect for anti-aging and reducing signs of small wrinkles ), Scutellaria – creates a layer to protect your skin from the pollution but also provide a detox effect and Spirulina, that improves the tone and plumps the skin.

It’s been around 3 weeks since I used it, and I love seeing my skin revitalised, energised and fresh.

Available at THALION website

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