Vegan Raw Lemon Curd Barebells Cheesecake

I know summer is over but there is always a time for a vegan lemon cheesecake.

As I’m working with Barebells which I ablsolutely love,if you haven’t tried this brand yet, just check it out as they have the most delicious protein bars (20g of protein) and milkshakes.. Yum! Always have one in my bag while on the go by the way.. to kill the hunger.

Anyways.. Recently they just launch a new flavour, Lemon Curd 🍋Wow congratulations!!and safe to say it’s absolutely delicious too.

If you know me, I love lemons. In fact it’s my fav fruit! There are unlimited possibilities and benefits from this zingy and refreshing yellow buddie! I love to bake with it, make dressings, add to my tea or marinades..

To celebrate the latest addition we were sent a box with the recipe and all the ingredients to create something special.

I love this task, as everyone have the same ingredients but it can turn completely different. Obviously you have to follow the recipe but the creative part of it is always on you! I love to add a little extra to my bakes and create something different ,event if it’s just a shape or toppings.

Not gonna lie, I had so many ideas how to present the final result but ended up doing something classy and pretty .

I won’t write here the whole recipe as it was given to us by the Barebells team but will add a picture of it here in case of someone decide to recreate it. Also in the recipe you need to use Macadamia nuts but Cashew will also be great( p.s. I tried and it worked ) .

Another thing I’d like to add it’s a coconut oil to the base., I fed like it will add an extra moisture to the nutty base and still taste great. 2tbsp meltet Vita CoCo if you desire.

So to add something about the making it, I wasn’t to say that it’s important to have a good food processor.I have a few ( but it’s more kinda of blenders) and wasn’t good enough to make the perfect mixture base..Luckily , I worked with Cuisanart few weeks ago and was kindly gifted one of their Prep Pro which is just a dream!

I will add another blogpost with a recipe how you can use it, and this post is not sponsored by the Cuisanart however I really enjoy using it and clean as well! so easy !

I used it for a base and for the creamy filling ( two different bowls) in fact so handy and you don’t need to wash one before doing the next stage of the recipe.

As many cheesecake recipes you need to set it( this one will need 3-4 hours ) in the freezer… depends on the shape and size obviously .. mine was thin and only took a few hours before we could enjoy it.. but if you decide to use a bigger size it might take more…

Finally taking out the freezer 10 min before serving is essential too..

Topping-wise it’s completely optional.. can simple use just slices of lemon and zest but I had some meringue crumbs and edible flowers to add as well as chunks of Lemon Curd Protein bar..

Personally I think this recipe is a great base for any Vegn Raw cheesecake.. you can also add a layer of chia jam for example if making the blueberry one or Lemon curd topping to this one.. honestly so many ways to create a delicious yet healthy treats for the whole family .

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Thank you Barebells Uk team for this opportunity.

I will add their Instagram here is you want to learn more and buy their products. barebells insta page

And Ofcourse Cuisanart for its amazing Prep Pro food processor.

Enjoy 🍋

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