Sapporo Teppanyaki

When your family and friends come to stay then surely and inevitably you want to spoil them. And, what better way to do this then to show them a great time that they will never want to leave! ( well, until of course Christmas will be over and the reindeer will give out all its last presents!).


Sapporo offers unique experience for family entertaining with the chefs cooking in front of you with each training for over five years to become a master of their craft and picked by our directors so that you can sample the very best in Japanese cuisine.

We were lucky to try out their Christmas menu which included a delicious menage of nigiri, sashimi, miso, temaki, maki and signature dishes cooked on the hot plates by the skilful chefs.

Their Asian chefs return each year to their home countries in order to stay in touch with their Asian roots and cooking traditions, while also sourcing the very best recipes available and reinventing them to create a menu that is authentic, inspiring and contemporary.


Watching the chefs prepare your meal, you should expect to be entertained. Their skills are not something you will see in any old restaurant, and the thrilling, interactive experience is sure to have you dining there while surprising you family and friends, something to remember.


Sit back and relax as you watch some of the nibbles we tried..

The restaurant is designed to accommodate a wide range of dining preferences, as well as deserts..

Our personal favourite is macha ice creme roulette.



The taste of Sapporo is one that can only be supplied using the best quality ingredients and the freshest produce available, as well as an experienced hand to cook it to your liking – that’s what we offer to each and every customer who walks through our doors.




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