Fig & feta cheese tart

Some days we just need simple and easy recipes to impress our friends or family.♥️

I love to pick the seasonal fruits or veg and make a puff pastry tarts which are great for starter,buffer table or even picnic.. ✨

Autumn is a great time to enjoy the figs,that’s why I decided to use it for my next recipe.. however I want you to be creative and try to use also any other vegetables you can find.. will share some more ideas with you right after this one.. believe me it’s so easy to make that kind of snacks and play with ingredients..

As today we are making Fig and Feta tart you will need:

Puff pastry (ready rolled ) ( I got mine from the supermarket)

3 large figs

Half of feta cheese

Nuts ( walnuts or pine nuts )

1 egg beaten for egg wash ( with brush or fork can be used too)

2 large red onions ( to make it caramelised also will need : spoon of olive oil , table spoon of brown sugar, drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze)

Also :

Black pepper

Honey & Fresh Thyme for serving

1. Roll the puff pastry on the baking tray according to instruction. Leave on the side for 10 min2. Finely slice the red onion,add some olive oil to the pan and let it cool slowly till soft (aprox 7 min) then add sugar and balsamic glaze,mix well and cook another 3 min.

3. Layer the onion on the pasty, slice the figs very thin and add it too.

4.Crumbe the feta on top and add the nuts of your choice ( I had the walnuts )

Roll the sides to make a square,egg wash the corners and bake in the over for 15 min at 180C till golden brown.

For serving a like to add some fresh thyme and drizzle with raw runny honey. I just love the mixture of sweet honey and salthy feta cheese but if you don’t just enjoy as it is.

While talking about the puff pastry tart there are few more simple and easy ideas .

1. Pear/Peach and goat cheese with some rocket salad 2.tomato and mozzarella ( try to use mixed colour tomatos ) looks beautiful

3.prosciutto ,asparagus ,peas and pesto

4. grilled veg with feta

5. sweet ones: apple and cinammon or peach and cream

Let me know which one is your favourite !!

Why not to make a mini versions of it for finger buffet or canapés 👌🏽

Thank you Circulon for the kitchenware .

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